Open University

Whoever would like to pursue their education irrespective of their academic background at any point of time could avail the opportunities provided by the Tamilnadu Open University which was established in the year 2002 by the Government of Tamilnadu. The fact remains intact that it facilitates those who are infused with the desire of learning to fulfill their academic dreams. The fact cannot be disputed that the Tamilnadu Open University has witnessed the unprecedented growth during the past fourteen years.

The unique feature is that one could seek admission at any point of time during the year and the examinations are conducted during the week-ends keeping in view the convenience of the students. Moreover the performance of the students has been periodically assessed in order to enhance their academic standard. About 1,71,430 students have benefitted academically from Tamil Nadu Open University. It is a pride to state that the Tamilnadu Open University stands unique among other similar Open Universities in India and Tamil Isai Kalloori run by the Tamil Isai Sangam has continued to be the study center of Tamilnadu Open University from the year 2016 onwards.

1. B.A. Tamil
2. B.A. Functional Tamil
3. B.Lit.,
4. B.A. History
5. B.A. English
6. B.A. English and Communication
7. B.A. Political Science
8. B.A. Economics
9. B.A. Public Administration
10. B.A. History and Heritage Management
11. B.A. Tourism and Travel Studies
12. B.A. Business Economics
13. B.A. Sociology
14. B.A. Social Work
15. B.A. Urdu
16. B.A. Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration
17. B.A. Human Rights
18. B.Sc. Mathematics
19. B.Sc. Maths with Computer Application
20. B.Sc. Psychology
21. B.Sc. Geography
22. B.Sc. Computer Science
23. B.C.A.
24. B.Sc. Apparel and Fashion Design
25. B.Com.
26. B.Com. Bank Management
27. B.Com. Corporate Secretaryship
28. B.Com. Accounting and Finance
29. B.Com. Computer Application
30. B.B.A.
31. B.B.A. Computer Applications
32. B.B.A. Marketing Management
33. B.B.A. Retail Management
34. M.C.A.
35. M.B.A.
36. M.A. History
37. M.A. English
38. M.A. Political Science
39. M.A. Economics
40. M.A. Public Administration
41. M.A. Tamil
42. M.A. Tourism and Travel Studies
43. M.A. Sociology
44. M.A. Social Work
45. M.A. Criminology and Criminal Justice Administration
46. M.A. Women Studies
47. M.Sc. Mathematics
48. M.Sc. Psychology
49. M.Sc. Computer Science
50. M.Com.
51. M.A. Police Administration
52. M.A. International Relations
53. M.A. Anthropology
54. M.A. Gender Studies
55. M.A. Linguistics
56. M.A. Translation Studies
57. M.A. Human Rights
58. M.A. Development Administration
59. M.Sc. Geography
60. M.Sc., Apparel and Fashion Design
61. Diploma in Media Art
62. Diploma in Management
63. Diploma in Databases
64. Diploma in Retail Management
65. Diploma in Archaeology and Epigraphy
66. Diploma in Museology and Conservation
67. Diploma in Data Sciences and Big Data Analysis
68. Diploma in Cloud Computing
69. Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Mathematics
70. Post Graduate in Diploma in Computer Applications
71. Post Graduate in Diploma in Gerontology
72. Post Graduate in Diploma in Guidance and Counselling
73. Post Graduate in Diploma in Information Tech. Management
74. Post Graduate in Diploma in Social Welfare Administration
75. Post Graduate in Diploma in Spoken English
76. Post Graduate in Diploma in Tamil Research Methodology
77. Certificate in NGO Management
78. Bachelor Preparatory Programme