Online Classes

Courses offered

1. The duration of the course is for one year or 40 classes.

2. Students from anywhere in India or Abroad can enroll themselves for this course.

3. The duration of the class is one hour.

4. Foreign students will have one class per week for a duration of one year. The number of classes can be increased based on Student’s request.

5. The fee for foreign nationals is 250 USD for 10 classes, to be paid in advance.

6. The fee for Indian students is Rs.5000/- for 10 classes, to be paid in advance. The student can take one or more classes a week as per their convenience.

7. After the successful completion of the Course an 'Isai Kalai Certificate' will be issued by the Sangam.

8. Eligibility :

Should have an aptitude to learn music
Basic training in Music

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